Summer Goals – Crazy I know!

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This summer I have a couple of big projects that I want to accomplish while the weather is nice.

As I mentioned before we have lived in our current home for about 8 ½ years now and I am in the mood for change.  I guess the 7 year itch hit me a little later than most!
First I want to paint the bathroom. We have had the same master bath color for 15 years. When we moved I had to make so many choices building this house by the time it came to picking out the color for our bathroom I was on over load. So I kept our bathroom color the same as our old house which was Stone White by Martha Stewart.  An awesome neutral color.
Second – Emma would like to update her room – which is going to be a big project. We are going to paint the room, stripe a wall, new headboard, curtains and rug! I hope we survive the redo!
Third – I would like to spruce up what I call our mudroom area. This is the entrance from our garage to our house. This area is our main go to closet where we have all the kids jackets, shoes, entrance to our office, laundry room and powder room is all off this hall. So I would like to put in bead board up ¾ of the wall, paint it a dark color and then a lighter one on top. This is also where our dog Linus sleeps so it gets a ton of scuff marks because of his crate – so a darker color hopefully will hide that in theory!
Finally, I would like to create a feature wall at the top of our stairs. We have a double story entry – which I love! We painted the entry and our mudroom hall all the same color. I have to admit with all the color choices I made and the meticulous documentation of the paint names etc… this one got lost – I know……shocker! So I am slowly going to change the color so I have it on record! Anyway I am tired of all the hallways being the same color. So I thought when you enter the house from the front door this would be a nice pop of color! I have to work with the color from our kids bathroom – which is called Hydrangea by Eddie Bauer! Love the blue color and am not going to change that.
A lot of painting I know  – but also a good arm workout for me! Plus I love the idea of bead board and my Sister is going to help with the installation. I am looking forward to seeing Emma’s creativity come to life – she has such a great sense of style and what she has already designed is going to be fun! And so much color!
What are you up to this summer – what projects are you looking to check off your list?


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