Did the Spring To Do List get done?

I don’t know about you, but I love closure – there is nothing more satisfying than crossing something off a list!

I don’t get closure very often in my day job – so when I can complete a task whether it is a DIY project or something around the house – there is a huge smile on my face

The kids have been out of school for almost 3 weeks now – I have to admit it has been great having them home – but trying to carve out DIY projects has been more of a challenge!

This past Spring I put together a To Do list of projects that I wanted to get done before the kids got done with school! So let’s see how I did:

I was able to find a headboard for my guestroom and even painted it white.  You can see how the head board turned out here.


I was able to reupholster 2 benches – one for the end of our bed and the other for our little seating room in our bedroom room as well.

2 bedroom benches

I painted the dresser in our guestroom and I even took it up a notch and put a little stencil on top of it to act like a runner!

Two Guestroom dresser side by side web

I created a reading nook on our patio and the new cushions turned out awesome – you can see how it turned out here:

Close up of the wicker chairs with umbrella web

I am proud to say I have completed 5 furniture upcycle projects and they all have sold – YES!!! You can see them here – sorry the photos are not all great.

All my dressers I redid - web

I bought an awesome sewing machine – love making pillows and have learned how to even put in a zipper! You can see some of the pillows I made here  – my favorite to date is the envelope pillow!

All the pillows

I tried stenciling – and realized I don’t like it – a post on that to come to later.

close up of the stenciled dresser web

dresser in my bedroom web

Plus many more items that I did not include on the list and can’t wait to share with you throughout the summer!

I did not get around to hanging our curtains higher in our bedroom or updating our bookcases with fabric. I am happy to report that the fabric finally came this week and I hope to work on that soon.

All in all I am proud of the closure of this list! Happy with how all the projects turned out and boy have a learned a lot this last couple of months!



  1. My to do list is gathering cobwebs – I can’t even sew a button – jealous of your sewing machine skills!

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