Summer Goals – Crazy I know!

water lake web

This summer I have a couple of big projects that I want to accomplish while the weather is nice.

As I mentioned before we have lived in our current home for about 8 ½ years now and I am in the mood for change.  I guess the 7 year itch hit me a little later than most!
First I want to paint the bathroom. We have had the same master bath color for 15 years. When we moved I had to make so many choices building this house by the time it came to picking out the color for our bathroom I was on over load. So I kept our bathroom color the same as our old house which was Stone White by Martha Stewart.  An awesome neutral color.
Second – Emma would like to update her room – which is going to be a big project. We are going to paint the room, stripe a wall, new headboard, curtains and rug! I hope we survive the redo!
Third – I would like to spruce up what I call our mudroom area. This is the entrance from our garage to our house. This area is our main go to closet where we have all the kids jackets, shoes, entrance to our office, laundry room and powder room is all off this hall. So I would like to put in bead board up ¾ of the wall, paint it a dark color and then a lighter one on top. This is also where our dog Linus sleeps so it gets a ton of scuff marks because of his crate – so a darker color hopefully will hide that in theory!
Finally, I would like to create a feature wall at the top of our stairs. We have a double story entry – which I love! We painted the entry and our mudroom hall all the same color. I have to admit with all the color choices I made and the meticulous documentation of the paint names etc… this one got lost – I know……shocker! So I am slowly going to change the color so I have it on record! Anyway I am tired of all the hallways being the same color. So I thought when you enter the house from the front door this would be a nice pop of color! I have to work with the color from our kids bathroom – which is called Hydrangea by Eddie Bauer! Love the blue color and am not going to change that.
A lot of painting I know  – but also a good arm workout for me! Plus I love the idea of bead board and my Sister is going to help with the installation. I am looking forward to seeing Emma’s creativity come to life – she has such a great sense of style and what she has already designed is going to be fun! And so much color!
What are you up to this summer – what projects are you looking to check off your list?


DIY Weekly Round-Up – #5

Even with the intense heat wave I was able to FINALLY get some projects done last week!

Emma and I have been shopping at one of my favorite stomping grounds and came across a couple of great finds:

 Emma nightstand flower web

First was a night stand for Emma’s room. We are going to be centering her bed on her wall and I wanted to flank two night stands on the wall on either side of her bed. Since my daughter is always in need of more storage in her room, I was looking for a piece that had a drawer as well as a couple of shelves. Emma picked out the stand – I got it for 50 dollars.

Emma's night stand before paint web

Since Emma’s room is all about color, I wanted some uniformity. So I painted it the same color as Emma’s other stand. Instead of painting the shelves I decided to use this fun contact paper in lime green.

Emma's nighttable pinkgreen web

It gave the piece some funk and teenage vibe!! Because the piece has some real formal lines, Emma came up with the idea of a color handle as well. It is going to look great in her new room.

I have been looking for a cabinet with drawers for a while for our entryway.  I have been on Craigslist trying to find it for a deal, but after a couple of months no luck. And my patience was wearing thin. We recently got this store called Kirkland’s and they have cute accessories and prints and the occasional furniture piece. They were having their annual sale and I found this piece there for $100 dollars.

Foyer table and mirror web

My wall in my entry way is not standard.  It is 29 inches long and the average occasional table is 31 inches. Anyway this piece was the right size, had a couple of drawers but was a yellowish cream color- which I really did not like. So I decided to paint it for effect. I don’t have any turquoise in the house either – so it adds a little bit of fun and unexpected color when you enter the house.

Front table w knobs web

Also, I found these awesome knobs at Homegoods.

Flower knobs on foyer table

They add a lot of character and cuteness to the piece. So this cabinet went from ordinary to extraordinary with a new color and fabulous knobs and greets my guests with a big “hello!”

Finally, I worked on this final piece for my dad. We just added as guesthouse or what we called the Bunkie to our cottage. We are in desperate need for more storage there. I will be working on a whole series on the Bunkie – our trip last week ended quickly so I was unable to get all the pictures I wanted.  My dad loves to read in the morning at the lake – plus read the paper – he still reads an actual paper. So I liked that this piece was narrow and had storage for his books and glasses.

Dad's reading table

In Ithaca, NY I found this cute store called Funky Fresh and they carried CECE Caldwell’s which is another brand of chalk + clay paint. I loved their colors – I purchased Alaskan Tundra Green and gave it a try. It definitely feels different than Annie Sloane paint; a little chalkier – but I loved how the color deepened once it was waxed.

 Dad new table 2 web

So if you are ever in the Ithaca area check out Funky Fresh they have great upcycle furniture and some awesome knobs and mid modern pieces!!

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Did the Spring To Do List get done?

I don’t know about you, but I love closure – there is nothing more satisfying than crossing something off a list!

I don’t get closure very often in my day job – so when I can complete a task whether it is a DIY project or something around the house – there is a huge smile on my face

The kids have been out of school for almost 3 weeks now – I have to admit it has been great having them home – but trying to carve out DIY projects has been more of a challenge!

This past Spring I put together a To Do list of projects that I wanted to get done before the kids got done with school! So let’s see how I did:

I was able to find a headboard for my guestroom and even painted it white.  You can see how the head board turned out here.


I was able to reupholster 2 benches – one for the end of our bed and the other for our little seating room in our bedroom room as well.

2 bedroom benches

I painted the dresser in our guestroom and I even took it up a notch and put a little stencil on top of it to act like a runner!

Two Guestroom dresser side by side web

I created a reading nook on our patio and the new cushions turned out awesome – you can see how it turned out here:

Close up of the wicker chairs with umbrella web

I am proud to say I have completed 5 furniture upcycle projects and they all have sold – YES!!! You can see them here – sorry the photos are not all great.

All my dressers I redid - web

I bought an awesome sewing machine – love making pillows and have learned how to even put in a zipper! You can see some of the pillows I made here  – my favorite to date is the envelope pillow!

All the pillows

I tried stenciling – and realized I don’t like it – a post on that to come to later.

close up of the stenciled dresser web

dresser in my bedroom web

Plus many more items that I did not include on the list and can’t wait to share with you throughout the summer!

I did not get around to hanging our curtains higher in our bedroom or updating our bookcases with fabric. I am happy to report that the fabric finally came this week and I hope to work on that soon.

All in all I am proud of the closure of this list! Happy with how all the projects turned out and boy have a learned a lot this last couple of months!

The Lake

Emma and the fish

Hey Guys! Sorry for the delay in posts – we took a couple of days to spend at our Cottage last week and this week. More posts will be up this week….


We had a blast – it was perfect summer weather! We had time for fishing, long boat rides and just playing in the water!


See you tomorrow with a post about how I did on the Spring To Do List! Do you think I got it all done before the kids got out of school?





The Little Man Baby Shower

sign web

This past week was so much fun! My Mom, Sister and I threw a shower for my Sister-in-Law and Brother. They are having their first child and it is a BOY!

The Sisters web

So when we found it was a little boy, my Sister in Law referred to him as her “Little Man” which was the inspiration for the shower. They are creating a sophisticated nursery with different uses of color vs. a baby theme so I wanted to mirror that at the shower and not have a traditional baby shower vibe.

The other cool piece to this story in this little one is going to be a  4th! So, I used the number 4 as part of the shower theme as well. I started out researching invites. I love finding really good invites and customizing them online and I love the feel of really good card stock.

I came across this invite on polka dot design. They were awesome to work with – we actually had to change the date of the shower after I had the invites printed and they basically did the reprint for me for free – now that is great customer service!

invites web.06

I leveraged the colors of mint green and baby blue as the colors of the shower. My sister made this awesome sign where we got the idea on Pinterest and these really cute little man signs for the favors and a small little banner with the leftover tags. We also made a cute sign for the front door that I tied with mint and blue netting.

tiny little man banner - web

Little Man Sign by Mom web

I bought yards of material to use as table clothes in the color scheme as well and they were about 8 dollars a piece with my coupons and really looked great in the room. Plus adding that level of sophistication to the room.

For favors we made little flowerpots for the guests to take home – everyone loves flowers this time of year. I bought 89-cent flowerpots and Emma and her sitter painted the base cream and the band blue.  I then ordered from Amazon these cool chalkboard labels and put the number 4 in the center! We then bought pink flowers (I know it is a boy – but let’s face it, pink flowers are prettier) and put them in the pot with the cute sign and they looked awesome. For the sign I just bought skewers and then taped the little sign to the top. I was afraid they might be too tall but they were perfect in the pot.


For a centerpiece for the main table I made a Number 4 frame for his room. I bought a standard 8X10 frame. Painted it a cream color, I wanted it to look fresh not distressed, then I purchased a number 4 and painted it the same color blue as the pots.  I bought a yard of material cut out the size of the glass in the frame and removed the glass.  Then I adhered the fabric to the back of the frame, and then hot glued the 4 to the material. It was a great centerpiece with an added vase of simple white flowers next to it!

Laura's shower table web

It was a 1 pm shower so we made a light lunch of couscous salad, caprise skewers, fruit salad, veggies with different types of dips and my mother in law made these awesome pinwheels with cream cheese and pepperoni! Dee-lish!

For refreshments we made raspberry lemonade with fresh mint from my sister’s garden, blue berries and raspberries, lemon ice water and then wine! By the way if you want to spice up your wine pour a little bit of your raspberry lemonade in – it was so refreshing!

Finally my Mom is known for her desserts and she went crazy as usual, we had a white cake in the shape of a onsie, angel food cake with fresh berries and home made whipped cream, cheesecake (the mommy-to-be’s favorite) and cookies!

Dessert table web

Needless to say we were all stuffed and so enjoyed seeing all our family and friends! What a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon! And those of us who are living in the NE right now it did not rain – miracle!

The house is back to normal – loving the idea of being an Aunt again and can’t wait to see those little hands and toes!

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DIY Weekly Roundup Week #4– This Grey is very serious!

Hello All!  This past week was so exiting – I did not have much time for painting furniture because I was getting ready for a Baby Shower that I threw on Sunday for my Sister in Law and Brother! I will have a fun post with all the details and projects we did for that event! It turned out awesome!

This week I was very serious about the color grey! I painted my first high back dresser! This was the mate to the dresser I did for my daughter’s Emma room.  What’s more, I bought this dresser for $25 dollars!

Before of Serious Grey Dresser web 2

This dresser seemed very manly to me so I thought I would paint it grey. It was between Colorado Grey by Benjamin Moore or Serious Grey by Sherwin Williams – I loved both of the colors so I just closed my eyes and pointed and Mr. Serious won!

grey dresser done - web

I think the color really fit the piece – I had to do some minor patchwork because the dresser had these little holes. So what do you do on a Sunday night but go to your neighborhood Wal-Mart and buy Wood filler and a putty knife? – Two items I would never dream of buying 6 months ago – boy how time changes for the better!

Wood filer web

I also lucked out again with the knobs – they fit the dresser well and just needed a little spray paint. I went with a shinny black to pop against the grey.

This piece sold on the first day it was listed! I think it makes a very stately impression in a bedroom.

Too bad I don’t have places for all these nice pieces of furniture! I do have to say this week’s find is a huge coffee table! My hubby is not too pleased because is SO big in his opinion. I hope I can talk him into switching this piece out for the one we currently have in the family room! Stay tuned to see if it will happen -)

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My Patio Reading Nook

This year one of my summer goals is to use our outdoor patio more. Since we put in the pool we are home more – which is nice.

When designing our patio, we created several different gathering areas in the space. We have a great general space for our dining area, a place for the Hubby to grill – (which he is awesome at), a side patio that is by the pool and then a place for two seating chairs.

Wicker Chairs without cushions web

Many Mother’s Days ago I saw these awesome wicker chairs – they were from the Smith and Hawkins collection. I love wicker and this is ready for the outdoors. They came with solid yellow pillows and cushions. I have to be honest with you because of where the chairs are placed I hardly ever sit in them.  One reason is they are furthest from the pool, so if the kids are swimming I need to be in that space.  Secondly, sometimes the patio gets so hot the heat and sun are uncomfortable.

So it only took a couple of years but finally the light bulb went off and it occurred to me that if I bought a market umbrella I could actually sit there during the day…I know, sometimes the ideas come in slowly. So this thought inspired an array of other ideas for this space.

The cushions were starting to look more brown than yellow from being outside. So I started with updating all the cushions and pillows with new covers. I went to JoAnn Fabrics and fell in love with this flower pattern.

Close up of wicker chair material web

It was really popular this year, there was only a yard left in the store and nothing left online (Panic!).  Someone at the store called around and I was able to have 5 yards put on hold in a store about 25 minutes away.

I used this flower as my inspiration for the whole new space. I loved the color, orange and pistachio green colors. I found a great color print in orange to go with the flower and this fun geometric pattern as well.

Linus and the new patio chairs web

I decided to make the floral pattern for the cushions on the chairs and ottomans then the other patterns for pillows.

I have to be honest with you I did not do the cushions all on my own. My Mom (fix it Franny) came to the rescue and helped me make the new cushions. I am so impressed with my Mom’s knowledge of sewing.

Cutting out wicker chair material web

First of all there was no pattern, but a lot of measuring and cutting out various pieces to make the cover as well as me learning how to put in a zipper. It was fun working with my Mom on this – but putting in a zipper is still way over my head.

My girlfriend gave me this awesome rug of hers that I have been eyeing for years! It looks awesome under the chairs. It is an awesome animal print rug – my first! Then on my many trips to Home Goods I was on the look out for a garden stool – another item that I wanted to add to our collection…I finally found the size and color I was looking for, and it was only $40 dollars compared to $120 from Ballard Designs that I have been wanting for some time.

close up of the garden stool web

Finally came the hunt for the perfect color market umbrella – I wanted a pistachio color one that I saw last year at Wal-Mart for $50 dollars, but of course this year it is out of stock! So one afternoon I went to over 6 stores and finally found the right color, but not the right price, it was $90 dollars but I love it and will be used a lot this summer.

Close up of the wicker chairs with umbrella web

The new reading or sitting area looks awesome. I love walking by the patio door and it catching my eye! I look forward to reading many a book this summer or sitting down to have a wonderful glass of wine with my Hubby or Friends. Differnet view of the patio chairs web

Where do you like to hang out in your yard during the summer?

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