The Summer Color Invasion!

I am really excited that summer is finally here and I am going a little crazy brightening up my house! I love color and I am taking advantage of our short summer to bring some of that brightness inside.  Looking at all the wonderful homes during the summer tour over at Gina’s blog The Shabby Creek Cottage totally inspired me. That is when I decided to brighten up my living room area.

The original plan for our house had a separate living room and family room separated by a pocket door.  When we toured the model home my Hubby and I decided it made each room too small.  We chose to have one large room instead.  I have separated this large room into two sections:  one more “formal” sitting area and an informal area where we watch TV.  The TV area has two large brown couches so I decided to attack that side first.

My main idea, instead of buying new pieces and driving my husband nuts, was to brighten up the room by using my favorite Envelope pillows.  I chose loud bright colors that are lime green with different geometric shapes.


I also added some brown patterned pillows (I know brown is not bright) but these pillows have a great pattern with some white blended in.  I added a glass hurricane lamp that I filled with seashells, which I originally wanted to place on the ottoman.  My Tasmanian devil kids like to jump and lay on the ottoman so I knew if I put it there it would be broken in two minutes.  So, I put it on a side table instead.  I also added a new lamp with a wicker lampshade to add some texture.  I found a cute little candleholder that has a wicker base that ties into the lampshade.  I hope to find some sea sand to put around the candle.

Two end tables in livingroom

I found this cute little white dish at Target and it has a Bee on top so I thought is would be perfect for the room as well.



For the more formal sitting room section, I worked on updating the mantle with some new, fun summer pieces.  You can see how I did it here:

I am in the process of deciding on new drapes for the room.  I took a Facebook poll and the results are pretty even, with the Hubby voting to “Leave it alone” as usual.  I also plan to line our entertainment center with the brighter lime green pattern, but that might be a bit too bold, even for me!  I have to get up the courage for that one.

Has summer invaded the inside of your house yet?  What types of things are you thinking of to brighten up your home?


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