We are on Summer Vacation!

Kids last day of school web

Today is the first official day of summer for my kids! We are a very excited household. This is the first time in 4 years that I will be at the house during the summer. I am very excited to be able to work my schedule to have some quality time with the kids this summer along with a very helpful babysitter a couple of hours a day so I can do my day job!

Now, I need to come up with a schedule and a routine for my kids. My son would prefer to play video games 24×7, and my daughter would like to be on Netflix. Our June thus far has been a mild, rainy one so we have not had the opportunity to be outside and go for walks or enjoy the pool or boat rides very much.

We have a couple of projects that the kids and I are going to work on together. Emma, my daughter, is an awesome painter, so I am going to have her work on freshening up the baseboards around the house while I paint the higher trim and doors.

Also, Emma and I are taking on her room, moving it to more of a teenage room verses a tween’s room. We are going to be embarking on a striped wall project and a new headboard; more details on that later – and thoughts of patience for me please!!

Peter is a great gardener so he is responsible for watering my plants and weeding our garden beds. Plus walking our dog Linus.

We are also going to be tackling a reading corner in our basement – I got the idea yesterday after seeing Vintage Revivals blog where she built this awesome outdoor reading space for her kids and got inspired. Each day my kids will have over an hour of reading time. We are going shopping today to get our summer reading books. These are going to be fun novels or graphic novels for Peter.  I want to make sure that reading is something they will enjoy – summer is about fun!

We hope to go to our lake a couple of times this year, but as my Hubby and I were looking at the calendar our summer is full and with the various sports that my kids participate in it does not leave much time for family trips as they get older. So maybe a couple of 4 day weekends will be in order vs. a full week.

I hope to put together a chore chart and a daily plan (a very unstructured one) so the kids understand what will be happening for the day as well as what needs to get done. We will see how that goes and looking forward to having the good times roll! Oh, by the way, we just got a Yo Berry here in our town – so we will be working on earning reward points for that wonderfulness – yesterday we went to celebrate the end of school and my Hubby got 15 different types of chocolate in one bowl. Insane!

Let me know what you are up to – how are you keeping your kids entertained this summer?


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