This Weeks DIY Roundup week 2

This was a crazy week, school is winding down, finals for my son and soccer games, plus Hubby is on the road! But as I mentioned in yesterday’s post I am on a dresser craze. Even with all that was going on this week I was surprisingly able to get a lot done. I worked on 2 dressers, and made a message board for a friend and made some envelope pillows for my living room. For this post I thought I would talk about the dresser and message board.

I have always been a fan of fabric covered message boards. I have been covering them for years with fabric as you see here. But while on Pinterest, of course, I came across this updated look that I thought I would try, it is a little more stylish.

From the old office I had your basic large message board that I am sure I bought at Wal-Mart for about $12 dollars. I then spray painted the board a cream color. My friend likes cream vs. white. I then took material (jut love this fabric and colors) measured the opening and then added a ½ inch all around to the measurement and cut the material. I then folded the edge and ironed it over so there was a nice edge! I know: I broke out the ironing board! This is when I really could use my mother-in-law’s help – she actually finds ironing relaxing – thank god – because I sure don’tJ!

I bought really cute nail heads that you use for upholstery but they were too long and would go through the message board, so I found shiny silver tacks instead. All I did was pin the tacks to hold the material on the board, at first I spaced the tacks, but then decided to keep them pretty close together. It looked better.

Corner of the message board showing pins web

Finally to hang the board, I had some pretty cream fabric boarder left over from a previous project and just used my handy dandy staple gun and made sure the string was tight and stapled it onto the board, and the message board was done.

Back side of message board

I think it turned out really cute and will look great in her kitchen. I even have some left over material to make curtains for the kitchen if need be.

full message board web

I also worked on a great dresser. This is a solid wood, dovetail dresser that I purchased at one of my favorite vintage shops called Dot Not Shop here in Geneseo.  The piece was right at the door and it was white and was just calling my name. I liked the chipped paint feel of the piece as well as the curved top and thought it would look cute in a babies or little kids room. I had Greek blue from Annie Sloan at home that I have not used yet….so it was time to take that paint for a test drive!

White dresser not dot before web

The knobs were really cute on the piece too, they were silver but looked a little tired, so I spray painted them white to pop against the Greek blue paint. Once I got it home I had to make a couple of repairs to the top…which I have to admit took time to let the glue dry and I could only find one clamp (need to buy some more supplies). I decided to prime the top just to give it a little more coverage. Then I applied the paint! Using my sanding block I did a lot of distressing all over the piece this time. I think it turned out pretty cute! Wish I had a place for it!

Blue greek blue dresser finished

I also worked on another awesome dresser this week, my favorite to date, that I am going to put in my daughter’s room – but I will write a separate post next week I hope. I just need to convince the Hubby to help me carry it upstairs and then carry her old one down!

All in all a productive week and looking forward to seeing what next week brings! I am seeing shelves hopefully being lined with fabric or painted and maybe finalizing the color in my master bathroom – so many fun decisions to think about!

What projects have you been up to this week?

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  1. Aunt Cathy says:

    Love the message board!

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