The Annie Sloan experiment.

Annie Sloan display

Did you know that I have a thing for dressers? I think this past month alone I have purchased 6 – ok maybe it is more like an obsession but I just love painting them and using them throughout my house or selling them.

In browsing Pinterst earlier this year I kept seeing people talking about this “chalk paint”. At first I thought they were talking about chalkboard paint and to be honest I was a little bit confused but then I read a blog about it and the light bulb went on…and I thought it looked really cool.

One Sunday morning I talked my hubby into helping me pick up a dresser I bought on Craigslist. It was over an hour away and we went through this little town called Palmyra and saw a sign for a store called the Purple Painted Lady and I knew that I had heard that name somewhere before, but couldn’t place it.  More on that later……

upstairs dresser cv room unpainted web

This piece was going to go in our master bedroom and serve two purposes:  A clothes dresser for me and the top would be our TV table.  For some reason I need the TV on at night or I cant sleep. We had a beautiful console table from Potterybarn there for years but I needed more storage for my clothes (another bad habit of mine).

Our room is made up of a lot of white distressed furniture and I thought at first I might keep the dresser’s original brown tones but when I saw the piece and how rich the color was I thought this would be perfect distressed. The dark brown color would come through very nicely. So I thought this would be a good time to experiment with the Chalk paint, by Annie Sloan. I did not know where to purchase the paint around our area, when I was searching I came across the Purple Painted Lady and that she was a reseller. Then I remembered “hey – we just drove by her store earlier today!” I saw she was open on Monday and decided to drive out and see what the scoop was on this paint.

Tricia, the owner, was very helpful. I bought two different colors of paint old white and greek blue. She went over how to use the paint and how to use the clear wax. Tricia recommended for even wax coverage to purchase the wax brush by Annie Sloan and cheesecloth too. Even though the brush was pricey I thought it would be a good investment. And I am glad I did.

Tricia also sent me home with some good written instructions and said to give her a call with any questions.

I drove right home and broke out the old white paint. All the blogs were right in saying the paint was very think. I have painted with latex all my life so this was a different feel until you get used to it.

But in watching a couple of video’s by Tricia and one by Blue Egg Brown Nest  I got it down pretty quickly. I like pouring the paint into a separate container; I noticed that the air very quickly thickens the paint in the can.

Tricia also suggests for the second coat to add a little bit of water to help the paint go on easier – I definitely thought that was helpful.  This is another reason why you want to pour the paint into a separate container as you are using it.

Then came the fun part: distressing the piece. I bought a sandpaper block at Mr. Second’s, fine grade, and went to work. The paint distressed awesome – it is so easy. I basically distressed the corners and various parts of the edges on the dresser itself and the drawers and the dark tones of the wood came thorough beautifully!

annie sloan upstair dresser cv room web

Sanding took less than 15 minutes to do the whole piece.

Another view of the distressed dresser cv room

For Annie Sloan paint to finish the piece they suggest using clear mini wax as a protective layer. I have never used wax before or Poly for that matter and I was a little nervous I would mess up the piece. So back to Tricia’s directions I went. And it really was not too difficult, using the brush works great. I started in the corner and worked down and across and that worked really well. Plus it is a great workout for your arms!

Gold and white knob on cv dresser

I did not end up using the knobs that came with the dresser. Instead I ordered some really cool brass, gold and white knobs from Etsy to go with the knobs I bought at Anthropology for another dresser in our room. The piece needed 12 knobs so the ones I found on Etsy were $5 dollars a piece vs. $12 at Anthropology. It took 2 weeks for the knobs to arrive (really helped me with my patience level) and they look great on the dresser. It is so nice to have additional storage now in our room and in such a pretty piece.

Dresser in the room

I have been working with Annie Sloan paints for about 2 months now. I have painted 4 pieces: 3 distressed and one regular and really enjoy the quality and colors so far. I look forward to further developing my skill and painting other pieces.

The Purple Painted Lady does ship the paint as well. Which is great since her shop is about an hour for me, I received the box in about 2 days. She has a great site and helpful hints as well.

Have you tried chalk paint yet? How do you like the product? What pieces have you painted?


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