My New BFF – The Envelope Pillow

All the pillows

I don’t know about you, but I am always changing accessories in my house all the time; it drives my Hubby crazy. But in my house growing up my Mom was always rearranging the rooms and making them look new…I think a room is always evolving and is never done or perfect. I could see a look in a magazine or on Pinterest that I want to try out or there is some new fad I need to test. The easiest way to change the look of a room is changing out the pillows.  Plus, if I wanted to repaint every two weeks I think my husband would faint.

I love accessorizing with pillows and buying great fabrics to coordinate with the rooms. So one EARLY morning (you will come to see that I am an early morning person.  If I wake up and it is past 6am I am excited that I got to sleep in late) I was up researching how to sew a pillow, and came across this video on how to make an Envelope pillow.

So after watching the video I thought, “hey this does not look that hard” and I was going to give it a whirl. I really like how Melanie, after the video, gave you the various measurements for the different pillow sizes. I usually buy your standard 18 inch pillow – they look great on a couch or chair. But, changing up the different sizes is great too.

Here is what you need:


A tape measure

A pencil or fabric pencil



Sewing machine

I pretty much followed Melanie’s direction step by step except I did not iron my fabric edges over like the video suggests. Instead I learned this trick from my Mom: if you fold over the fabric the dimension you want and then run your nail over the fabric it makes a nice crease; not as well as an iron but it saves a little time and this was early and I did not want to wake the family getting out the ironing board.

For a standard 18 inch pillow you need to cut out:
(1) 19×19
(1) 19×13
(1) 19×14

It takes about 30 minutes to measure and cut out all the material and then sew it together and then, viola!, you have a brand new pillow for your room! Plus you still can bring back the old design at a future date!  It was fairly easy and turned out great! What is your favorite pillow to make?  Send me your ideas and patterns I will give it a try!

Pillows made by Chernee 1


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