OMG! I Bought a Sewing Machine!

Now if you asked me 6 months or a year ago – I would have never said I would go out and purchase a sewing machine. I was drowning in work and not making time for myself. One of the reasons I started this blog was to have an outlet for being more creative and to carve out a little me time.

I have mentioned that I love fabric and most of the drapes and pillows in my house have been beautifully sewn by my Mom. But I never thought I A) had the patience to sew or B) the time.

So here is the sewing back-story. My mom is an excellent seamstress – she started sewing when she was very young, making all her costumes for dance and she fell in love with it, she made all her clothes and was even written up for making her wedding dress, which took her about a year. She still uses her sewing machine that she purchased in the 60’s.



Growing up, mom made our clothes, like a special occasion dress, clothes for school, my first prom dress. Though I like picking out the fabric, I really did not like the process. I was your standard kid of the 80’s and was in 4H and I remember making my first pin cushion which I still have, then the apron and finally a great navy jumpsuit with the cutest kitty buttons, which I did get a blue ribbon for. I am sure my Mom still has that somewhere – and jumpsuits are back in style.

But then I became a teenager and sewing was no longer cool. Plus, I was too impatient and fell in love with the mall. Well looking back, I was a silly kid and really regret not learning how to sew. I had to depend on my mom and her crazy schedule to make curtains and pillows over the years that I could have made myself.

So when I told my mom that I was going to learn how to sew I think she fainted – then shouted from the rooftops. Mom and I went shopping for the machine – she took me to a Sewing Machine shop – which I wanted to organize for him, she picked out a solid machine made by Janome. For my mom this was like buying a really cool iPhone. I am completely out of my element but we took it home – my Mom was just giddy. She took out all the pieces and was so excited that the machine could thread the needle on its own (I have not tried that yet)

So Mom showed me the basics, how to thread the machine, how to make a bobber, which still sometimes frustrates me and what settings I should use for sewing different items.

Me sewing

So I had the machine for about a month. I have to admit I really enjoy it for the most part. Mom has shown me how to put in a zipper (still way to over my head) how to sew a pillow with fringe; I think I could do that on my own now – because who doesn’t like a pillow with fringe? And how to make inseams…I look forward to sharing my sewing adventures with you.

Chernee holding first pillow






  1. Enjoy, it’s a whole new – addictive – world!!

    • Thanks Julie – I am really excited about it and looking forward to what I can learn. Thank you for stopping by the blog!
      Have a great rest of your weekend.

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