The Headboard Project

I have been on a quest for a new headboard for our guest room. Since the room is more Shabby Chic in style I really wanted to find an old headboard with interesting decorative elements that when painted white would pop against the bright paint color of the room.

I have been combing Craigslist for months. I did not want to spend more than $50 dollars and oh by the way I wanted the headboard to have some height. You might ask why?

Here is the before picture of the room. Notice how there is too much blank space between the bed and plates on the wall? I did not want to add any more accessories to the wall because I did not want our guests to hit their head! I also think a low headboard would look awkward in the space.

guestroom no headboard

So while on vacation and after a long day at one of the Disney parks – I needed a few minutes of escape! I hopped onto Craigslist and low and behold there it was. It had the height I was looking for with the bedposts, great interesting lines that would add some character and a 50-dollar price tag- done deal! The folks were awesome and held the piece until I got home!

headboard unfinished

Here is the funny part! When I went to pick up the piece I was headed to see Wicked with my sisters and Mom. It was on a main city Street so I had to park a block down the road there was my sister and I walking down the street carrying this headboard and I was in 3-inch heels. I wonder what people were thinking! I wish I had pictures!

The headboard had hardly any imperfections and did not need any repairs so I was excited. So I immediately started the makeover! I gave the piece quick sand with fine sand paper!



Then I dusted off the piece. I decided to paint the piece Journal White by Ralph Lauren; I just love this color! I applied 3 coats of paint, waiting about two hours between coats.

headboard painted full view














Then came the thought was there too much white in the center of the headboard – should we add material to the center, or add a stencil or another color? I think before you make any major changes to your original plan it is important to see the piece in the room.

Center part of headboard painted white















So in comes the help of my very gracious Hubby and we carried it up the stairs to see how it looks. With the height of the bed frames and where the pillows hit the headboard we were thinking it looks fine how it is. So there goes that idea for another day.


I love how the headboard looks in the room, the image I had in my head looks as good in reality – I love it when that happens.

So looking at the headboard and the pillows that I have there now – the room looks too dark to me. So of course I smell another project- I have decided to brighten the whole look of the room with accessories. Stay tuned to see how I have updated the room. See how one project can lead into another whole adventure! My Hubby is so excited about this.

PS. My apologies on the photo’s being a little fuzzy – I took these before the new camera!





  1. Aunt Cathy says:

    I am going to start looking for an old head board tomorrow . I can’t wait to start that project.


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