Spring To Do List!














Ok, I don’t know about you, but I like to create to-do lists and check things off when they’re done – closure is a great thing for the soul!  It has been a long cold winter in upstate and the last couple of weeks Spring finally arrived! Hurray!

It has been awesome to be outside, to see the sun shine and to bring out the flip-flops, finally. I thought it would be a good idea to put together a to-do list of some of the projects I would like to get done before the kids are done with school this year!

1). I have been working on my bedroom this winter. I have been moving furniture around and would like to stencil and repaint one of the dressers.

2). I would like to put a headboard in place in our guest room for summer company!

3). Adjust the curtain level in our bedroom – it is too low and drives me nuts every time I look at it! (That will be a project for my Sister!)

4). Reupholster 2 benches one in our bedroom and the other for our guest room.

5). Paint or fabric the back of my bookcases in my bedroom sitting area!

6). Repaint the dresser in my guest room and add new pillows!

7). Make covers for the outside patio chairs.

8). Start my first furniture flip project

9). Buy a sewing machine and start learning how to sew. Boy will my Mom be thrilled with this item!

I think that is enough projects for now, or my hubby might just commit me.  Lets see how much I get done before the kids get out of school!




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