Accessorizing your Home Office

To me accessorizing a room is the fun part…It is like your favorite dessert after a meal, and who doesn’t like dessert?  I am a cupcake kind of a girl, so dessert is right up my alley!

I don’t like to work in an office type atmosphere, when I have designed my last two office spaces they were decorated more like a home and looked like more like a home than an office. I just work better that way.

Since I brought the desks back with me, and they are two toned with a cream base and cherry top, I thought I would pick out a really bold rug to make the floors stand out – since this would be a high traffic area, I decided I wanted a dark brown color. I fell in love with this rug . But not the price,…so off to Google I went.

I found this rug at Home Decorators – the Martha Stewart Living, Crosslink All Weather Rug in Chocolate/cream, it was only $157 dollars, and I received it in 2 days…done! It is an indoor out door rug, but I have had great luck with them in my house as well as in my offices! I love the texture it brings to the room.


When I first started having my own place, I thought everything you had to match, if the room had a silver frame, all frames had to be silver, lamps were all the same – you get the drill…Boy I was so wrong, when adding accessories to a room it is really important to build on the layers and textures in a room, so mix and match and find common themes.

The focal point of this room is the sign over my desk. It is about 90 years old – it is in awesome shape, it was my Great Grandfather’s sign for his business….which my day job is named after.


Since I really did not want to bring much art into the space – I am kind of tired of floral prints in every room – I leveraged these two bulletin boards covered in fabric and turned them vertical and, voila!, functional art, and they add great height and color to the room (am I had them so they were free)!


To break up the look a little bit and to add more storage I added another shelf above the l-shape desk. I did not want all the shelves to match – so I bought this shelf from Ballard Design, which I love!

Finally in the corner is one of my favorite pieces that I own.

You will see throughout my house, I love wingback chairs…I found this chair for 20 dollars and it was ugly but I loved the lines…. I had this check fabric since I bought my house, over 8 years ago, but never could find a place for it…I had this chair redone for my old office, the chair is two toned, check in the front and a linen fabric on the back!! It looks awesome!


I layered the shelves with photo’s I had in my old office – I needed the shelves to be both function for storage but also to add some “me” to the room! My Mom put these shadow boxes together for me on Whiting Consulting’s 10th anniversary. These boxes remind my why I am in business today, always wanted to a business owner – here is a look of what I did when I was a kid!


Finally here is a look at how my desk area turned out. I would have to say I don’t mind having my back to the door, I don’t get any glare on my computer screen which is a bonus and I have a great view of outside. All in all the home office has turned out pretty good.


I am still deciding on the lamps, they are a little bold but I needed to bring some more white into the room, and I am on the look out for a really cool, comfortable office chair. Stay tuned…



  1. I love it! I am currently re-doing my home office and have a new blog coming up too but definitely not home design. I’m still a little challenged. I’ve made minor changes over the years we have lived in our house but a new layout, paint, etc is a must. As is the “office” chair. It’s the standard rolling wheels. My splurge is a more comfy gliding spinning chair from Crate and Barrel. I’ll have to share when it comes.

    Lots of inspiration in your posts and look forward to your new blog!

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