Home office re-do! The Design

So when I decided to take my Recruiting Company virtual…I needed a place to work from home…the office was looking pretty shabby! My Hubby also works out of the home – so he very graciously moved to the basement so I could have the windows – isn’t he sweet?

The thing is I did not decide to start a blog till after the office redo was in motion! But what I can tell you is the room looked like a dorm room – there was a lamp, a desk and a chair – that was it!

Goal of the room – Our home office is 130 square feet, I needed the space to support 2 office areas and to have as much storage as possible plus look pretty at the same time! Oh boy!

The cool thing is I love the color…so we did not have to paint! The color is Laura Ashley’s Olive 4. It is a darker color – but don’t be afraid to paint a small space a dark color; it actually makes the room feel bigger!

The carpet was looking pretty old, Linus our dog loves to come into the office while we work during the day – so you know dogs – so the carpet had to go! I was tired of carpet in this room anyway so I decided to go with a Pergo floor. We found the floor at Home Depot for 69 cents a square foot! Sold!! I picked a little lighter hue than the hardwoods in our house to give it a live transition.


The challenge!

The hardest part of the room design was furniture placement. I have had my desk for 10 years and I am a little attached to it. At first I was going to put two L- shape desks in the space, which probably would have been better, but you need to like where you work! The office has two great windows so there is a lot of light and good wall space for this small of the room.


I really did not want to have my back to the door from a feng shui perspective but the desk fit very nicely and I have a great view from the window.


We have a nook in the room and I put a low shelf that fits perfectly in the space and now has a built-in effect.

Then added floating shelves from Pottery Barn above it. I love bookcases but sometimes they cause a room to look overcrowded if they are too tall for the area. So when planning a bookshelf purchase consider height and how it will make the room feel. You want an airy effect.

Finally the L-shape desk slid right into place on the opposite wall and the flow of the room was set up and the first goal was accomplished. The room now fits two folks and the space does not feel crowded.


Next blog I will bring the room together with all the fun accessories and storage potential!


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