Welcome to Chernee’s House!


Welcome to my blog. Come in and have a seat! I was struggling to see what my first post should be about…. Over the last month or so I have turned my house upside down and my family is wondering what has happened! I am working on so many projects, getting up early, sewing at 5 am, painting by 6 am and having a blast – it is so great to have energy and enjoy what you are doing.

I thought I would share a little bit about my decorating style. I grew-up in a house where you never had to take your shoe’s off when you walk into the door, my parents had my friends call them by their first names, and it was a causal fun environment to be in. I wanted our house to feel the same – minus the shoe part – I do love shoes by the front door!

I would say my sense of style is somewhat traditional in nature, with a touch of shabby chic and eclectic all rolled into one.

The best decorating advice I ever received was from my sister-in-law Juli who said never buy all your furniture at once or your house will look dated. This was right after my Hubby and I built our first house and I just bought my first set of furniture! It was a set (first mistake) in a floral print (second mistake) and, boy after a year or so I got bored of it! I love moving items around in my house. It makes it look new and fresh (but also gives my Hubby anxiety – he likes things to remain constant). I will have to try to drum up some pictures of that first matchy matchy set! We got rid of the sofas but I still have the chair and it has been recovered (twice).

Why does that advice resonate with me? Have you ever walked into a house and could tell that it still lived in the 70” or 80’s because that is when all the furniture was purchased? You want your house to have character and mixing and matching your home gives it a sense of style while at the same time retaining that character….

I love painted furniture, and restoring older pieces and making them look new again, I would say I am not one for dark wood tones – though I think they look beautiful  – it would not go with my house.

My sense of style also needs to be aware of my family, I have a teenager and a tween, and though I thought the terrible two’s ended years ago, they are still two Tasmanian devils so I need our furniture to be able to hold up to everyday life with them…plus my Hubby is a guys-guy and though I love floral and pinks and light greens, it really is not him. Thus why I have a huge, ugly lazy boy chair in my living room – that is another story for another time.



  1. Aunt Cathy says:

    Chernee you are unbelievable. I am so jealous. I need you help.

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