The Headboard Project

I have been on a quest for a new headboard for our guest room. Since the room is more Shabby Chic in style I really wanted to find an old headboard with interesting decorative elements that when painted white would pop against the bright paint color of the room.

I have been combing Craigslist for months. I did not want to spend more than $50 dollars and oh by the way I wanted the headboard to have some height. You might ask why?

Here is the before picture of the room. Notice how there is too much blank space between the bed and plates on the wall? I did not want to add any more accessories to the wall because I did not want our guests to hit their head! I also think a low headboard would look awkward in the space.

guestroom no headboard

So while on vacation and after a long day at one of the Disney parks – I needed a few minutes of escape! I hopped onto Craigslist and low and behold there it was. It had the height I was looking for with the bedposts, great interesting lines that would add some character and a 50-dollar price tag- done deal! The folks were awesome and held the piece until I got home!

headboard unfinished

Here is the funny part! When I went to pick up the piece I was headed to see Wicked with my sisters and Mom. It was on a main city Street so I had to park a block down the road there was my sister and I walking down the street carrying this headboard and I was in 3-inch heels. I wonder what people were thinking! I wish I had pictures!

The headboard had hardly any imperfections and did not need any repairs so I was excited. So I immediately started the makeover! I gave the piece quick sand with fine sand paper!



Then I dusted off the piece. I decided to paint the piece Journal White by Ralph Lauren; I just love this color! I applied 3 coats of paint, waiting about two hours between coats.

headboard painted full view














Then came the thought was there too much white in the center of the headboard – should we add material to the center, or add a stencil or another color? I think before you make any major changes to your original plan it is important to see the piece in the room.

Center part of headboard painted white















So in comes the help of my very gracious Hubby and we carried it up the stairs to see how it looks. With the height of the bed frames and where the pillows hit the headboard we were thinking it looks fine how it is. So there goes that idea for another day.


I love how the headboard looks in the room, the image I had in my head looks as good in reality – I love it when that happens.

So looking at the headboard and the pillows that I have there now – the room looks too dark to me. So of course I smell another project- I have decided to brighten the whole look of the room with accessories. Stay tuned to see how I have updated the room. See how one project can lead into another whole adventure! My Hubby is so excited about this.

PS. My apologies on the photo’s being a little fuzzy – I took these before the new camera!




Spring has Sprung! English Garden Themed Flower Pots

I love spring, and especially when spring feels like summer! This year as we started to do yard work I noticed how my front pots were starting to look a little shabby.


Since I am in the mood to spray paint anything that moves, I decided they needed a little touching up. I used this awesome new shade of black – with a hint of sparkle called hammered pain & primer in one, black.


Each year I change up the theme of my planters. The entrance to our house has a very high peak, but the front stoop is very narrow.  So instead of some outdoor chairs I have opted for 4 nice flowerpots instead to greet our guests.

I love the look of a Country English garden with the wispy flowers and pretty pops of colors. Last year I opted for a simpler design with less color and I really missed this look.

Since our house is shades of khaki, creams, with dark green shutters and door, I always choose bright colors in our flowers. This year Emma and I picked shades of purple and white with a hint of hot pink (I need to get that pink in whenever I can).

When I arrange a flowerpot I always start in the middle and work outwards, I like to include height in the center, which usually is a spike plant.



Then I like to put in some type of ivy, depending on the size of the pot I will put in 2 to 3 of the ivy, spacing them around the pot to fill in with other flowers.  I usually pick variegated ivy, it gives the arrangement dimension and it looks so pretty cascading down the edge of the pots.

Finally I add the rest of the flowers, alternating colors and texture throughout the pot.
















After the flowers are all arranged, I give the pot a good drink of water and then sit them up on the porch!




















I also added a nice lavender color swishy wreath to the door to tie in the English garden carefree look! Now the entrance to our house looks bright and cheery for our friends and family to come overcoat a nice barbeque!

Plants I used:

Petunia (they are the hot pink ones)

Snow Princess (they are the pretty pink ones)

Patina (is the fluffy purple)

Zinnia (are little daisy flowers)













Spring To Do List!














Ok, I don’t know about you, but I like to create to-do lists and check things off when they’re done – closure is a great thing for the soul!  It has been a long cold winter in upstate and the last couple of weeks Spring finally arrived! Hurray!

It has been awesome to be outside, to see the sun shine and to bring out the flip-flops, finally. I thought it would be a good idea to put together a to-do list of some of the projects I would like to get done before the kids are done with school this year!

1). I have been working on my bedroom this winter. I have been moving furniture around and would like to stencil and repaint one of the dressers.

2). I would like to put a headboard in place in our guest room for summer company!

3). Adjust the curtain level in our bedroom – it is too low and drives me nuts every time I look at it! (That will be a project for my Sister!)

4). Reupholster 2 benches one in our bedroom and the other for our guest room.

5). Paint or fabric the back of my bookcases in my bedroom sitting area!

6). Repaint the dresser in my guest room and add new pillows!

7). Make covers for the outside patio chairs.

8). Start my first furniture flip project

9). Buy a sewing machine and start learning how to sew. Boy will my Mom be thrilled with this item!

I think that is enough projects for now, or my hubby might just commit me.  Lets see how much I get done before the kids get out of school!



Accessorizing your Home Office

To me accessorizing a room is the fun part…It is like your favorite dessert after a meal, and who doesn’t like dessert?  I am a cupcake kind of a girl, so dessert is right up my alley!

I don’t like to work in an office type atmosphere, when I have designed my last two office spaces they were decorated more like a home and looked like more like a home than an office. I just work better that way.

Since I brought the desks back with me, and they are two toned with a cream base and cherry top, I thought I would pick out a really bold rug to make the floors stand out – since this would be a high traffic area, I decided I wanted a dark brown color. I fell in love with this rug . But not the price,…so off to Google I went.

I found this rug at Home Decorators – the Martha Stewart Living, Crosslink All Weather Rug in Chocolate/cream, it was only $157 dollars, and I received it in 2 days…done! It is an indoor out door rug, but I have had great luck with them in my house as well as in my offices! I love the texture it brings to the room.


When I first started having my own place, I thought everything you had to match, if the room had a silver frame, all frames had to be silver, lamps were all the same – you get the drill…Boy I was so wrong, when adding accessories to a room it is really important to build on the layers and textures in a room, so mix and match and find common themes.

The focal point of this room is the sign over my desk. It is about 90 years old – it is in awesome shape, it was my Great Grandfather’s sign for his business….which my day job is named after.


Since I really did not want to bring much art into the space – I am kind of tired of floral prints in every room – I leveraged these two bulletin boards covered in fabric and turned them vertical and, voila!, functional art, and they add great height and color to the room (am I had them so they were free)!


To break up the look a little bit and to add more storage I added another shelf above the l-shape desk. I did not want all the shelves to match – so I bought this shelf from Ballard Design, which I love!

Finally in the corner is one of my favorite pieces that I own.

You will see throughout my house, I love wingback chairs…I found this chair for 20 dollars and it was ugly but I loved the lines…. I had this check fabric since I bought my house, over 8 years ago, but never could find a place for it…I had this chair redone for my old office, the chair is two toned, check in the front and a linen fabric on the back!! It looks awesome!


I layered the shelves with photo’s I had in my old office – I needed the shelves to be both function for storage but also to add some “me” to the room! My Mom put these shadow boxes together for me on Whiting Consulting’s 10th anniversary. These boxes remind my why I am in business today, always wanted to a business owner – here is a look of what I did when I was a kid!


Finally here is a look at how my desk area turned out. I would have to say I don’t mind having my back to the door, I don’t get any glare on my computer screen which is a bonus and I have a great view of outside. All in all the home office has turned out pretty good.


I am still deciding on the lamps, they are a little bold but I needed to bring some more white into the room, and I am on the look out for a really cool, comfortable office chair. Stay tuned…

Home office re-do! The Design

So when I decided to take my Recruiting Company virtual…I needed a place to work from home…the office was looking pretty shabby! My Hubby also works out of the home – so he very graciously moved to the basement so I could have the windows – isn’t he sweet?

The thing is I did not decide to start a blog till after the office redo was in motion! But what I can tell you is the room looked like a dorm room – there was a lamp, a desk and a chair – that was it!

Goal of the room – Our home office is 130 square feet, I needed the space to support 2 office areas and to have as much storage as possible plus look pretty at the same time! Oh boy!

The cool thing is I love the color…so we did not have to paint! The color is Laura Ashley’s Olive 4. It is a darker color – but don’t be afraid to paint a small space a dark color; it actually makes the room feel bigger!

The carpet was looking pretty old, Linus our dog loves to come into the office while we work during the day – so you know dogs – so the carpet had to go! I was tired of carpet in this room anyway so I decided to go with a Pergo floor. We found the floor at Home Depot for 69 cents a square foot! Sold!! I picked a little lighter hue than the hardwoods in our house to give it a live transition.


The challenge!

The hardest part of the room design was furniture placement. I have had my desk for 10 years and I am a little attached to it. At first I was going to put two L- shape desks in the space, which probably would have been better, but you need to like where you work! The office has two great windows so there is a lot of light and good wall space for this small of the room.


I really did not want to have my back to the door from a feng shui perspective but the desk fit very nicely and I have a great view from the window.


We have a nook in the room and I put a low shelf that fits perfectly in the space and now has a built-in effect.

Then added floating shelves from Pottery Barn above it. I love bookcases but sometimes they cause a room to look overcrowded if they are too tall for the area. So when planning a bookshelf purchase consider height and how it will make the room feel. You want an airy effect.

Finally the L-shape desk slid right into place on the opposite wall and the flow of the room was set up and the first goal was accomplished. The room now fits two folks and the space does not feel crowded.


Next blog I will bring the room together with all the fun accessories and storage potential!

Welcome to Chernee’s House!


Welcome to my blog. Come in and have a seat! I was struggling to see what my first post should be about…. Over the last month or so I have turned my house upside down and my family is wondering what has happened! I am working on so many projects, getting up early, sewing at 5 am, painting by 6 am and having a blast – it is so great to have energy and enjoy what you are doing.

I thought I would share a little bit about my decorating style. I grew-up in a house where you never had to take your shoe’s off when you walk into the door, my parents had my friends call them by their first names, and it was a causal fun environment to be in. I wanted our house to feel the same – minus the shoe part – I do love shoes by the front door!

I would say my sense of style is somewhat traditional in nature, with a touch of shabby chic and eclectic all rolled into one.

The best decorating advice I ever received was from my sister-in-law Juli who said never buy all your furniture at once or your house will look dated. This was right after my Hubby and I built our first house and I just bought my first set of furniture! It was a set (first mistake) in a floral print (second mistake) and, boy after a year or so I got bored of it! I love moving items around in my house. It makes it look new and fresh (but also gives my Hubby anxiety – he likes things to remain constant). I will have to try to drum up some pictures of that first matchy matchy set! We got rid of the sofas but I still have the chair and it has been recovered (twice).

Why does that advice resonate with me? Have you ever walked into a house and could tell that it still lived in the 70” or 80’s because that is when all the furniture was purchased? You want your house to have character and mixing and matching your home gives it a sense of style while at the same time retaining that character….

I love painted furniture, and restoring older pieces and making them look new again, I would say I am not one for dark wood tones – though I think they look beautiful  – it would not go with my house.

My sense of style also needs to be aware of my family, I have a teenager and a tween, and though I thought the terrible two’s ended years ago, they are still two Tasmanian devils so I need our furniture to be able to hold up to everyday life with them…plus my Hubby is a guys-guy and though I love floral and pinks and light greens, it really is not him. Thus why I have a huge, ugly lazy boy chair in my living room – that is another story for another time.