Putting Up My Shingle!



When I was deciding on the name of my recruiting company (my day job)– I was not really interested in using my last name…Vitello Consulting did not sound very good…plus I wanted my name to have some separation from the business. My hubby thought I should name it “multitasking” in another language. But I wanted something simple that people got, since my first name is very different.

So in researching ideas, and thinking about names, I decided on the name Whiting, which is my maternal grandfather’s last name. The reason why this name was so special is that he too was an entrepreneur and had his own successful cabinet shop – so I thought the name would bring me luck. And I would have to say it has!

WC Sign

My grandmother was a saver and so is my Mom – some days I think it is great – and others – I wish items would disappear. My great-grandfather made two signs for his business – both of which I have. The first one is above my desk, which I was given when I opened up our first office space. I remember that day well – I felt so proud so have a piece of history in my office. The second one I was given when we opened the large space and it looked awesome in my loft office. I do miss the large windows and all the light – the space was truly grand.

the sign in the hall

Anyway when we moved out of the space the sign sat in our front hallway for about 8 months – sad I know – time really does fly. I knew I wanted to hang the sign in the house – but I was not quite sure where. I first thought it would look really cool in our basement – but right now our kids have taken it over and plus no one would see it. It is where all the toys are and I just close the door and pretend it does not exist. So when you enter our house we have this big 24-foot wall that is above our dinning room…so when I gave my Dad the challenge, with deep thought (he is such a thinker) he figured out how to hang the sign.

He first weighted the sign(sorry folks don’t have a picture of that) – we thought it was going to be really heavy but it is only 30 pounds. So Dad researched the type of wire and hangers we would need. Since I wanted the sign centered on the wall and sit about half way up we knew that a traditional ladder would not work. So Dad researched where to rent scaffolding (which was about $60 dollars for the day).

Dad and Steve assembling the ladders

We had to assemble the scaffolding in the yard and then bring it in.

Putting the ladder together

We enlisted the help of my brother-in-law and my little nephew– since the sign is so long we were going to need many hands.

Our little stud finder

My Dad ran wire along the back of the sign like you would for a picture frame and tied it off. I did not want to use the brackets that were on the side – I wanted then for character.

Dad attatching the wire

Once we had the sign all set up the boys figured out where the studs were on the wall with the stud finder. Then they brought the sign out on the scaffolding to make sure I liked where it was going to hang – then drilled in the holders.

Finding the studs

OK chair do you like where it is

They sign went up in less than 10 minutes. For some reason I thought this was going to be more of a complicated process, shame on me for letting it sit for so long, which is uncharacteristic for me anyway.

Dad adjusting the sign

I was a little worried that the sign would make the house feel country – and since that is not my style I think that is one of the reasons I was a little standoffish on hanging it right away.

Hanging the sign on the wall

But now that I have been living with the sign for a couple of months I don’t feel that way at all. Also, since I made the feature wall in our upstairs hall a little more dramatic it balances the two spaces quite well to alleviate the country feel.

The hanging of the sign crew

I love having a piece of history in our home – I can’t believe the sign is over 80 years old, it is in such good shape – all my Dad did was wash it up and it was good to go. We had the sign appraised and it is about $600 dollars believe it or not – antique signs are really in demand – businesses love to hang them in their spaces. So when you walk into our foyer now – there is a little piece of history hanging on our walls.

Sign on the wall - hall

Do you have an important family piece hanging on your wall?  Do you love looking at old signs wondering what the history is behind it?

The Ever Changing Guest Room…..

Do you have a room in your house that, no matter what you do, you never feel it is quite “done”? Sure, you have made a lot of changes, but you feel you could do better. I think my guest room is that room in my house where it never feels quite right….

the new nightstand web

In May we had our dear friends stay with us for a couple of days. They both were in our Wedding and we had such a great time – it was like we were back in college! Sometimes I miss those carefree days.

Anyway, in preparation for their arrival I wanted to make a couple of changes to the guestroom. Like getting new pillows and fixing up the side table by the bed – it was just the wrong color.

the before of the side table

I love the shape of this table – it was one of the pieces I kept from our office – it is Victorian I think – and I loved the gold accents…but the mustardy yellow did not really go with my white accents in the guest room – so I thought I would paint it white – I was not sure if I was going to use chalk paint or latex – but I had a feeling I wanted the look a little shabby chic – no surprise there!

The side table with journal white

So I went with Old White from Annie Sloane and then I distressed the piece with Gold craft paint – just rubbing it on in certain locations as well as taking a fine brush and roughly going over the edges with the gold paint. I wanted it to look eclectic and not perfect – not like I just painted it.

all the gold on the side table

I kept the same accessories as before on the little night stand – I think flowers on your night table just add a little something special to look at when you wake up.

 closer view of the table

I also changed out the shams for the bed, originally they were the same muted taupe color as the bedspread – but felt it was a little too matchy-matchy for me now.

Close-up of the pillows and shams

So at Target I purchased these cute white ruffle ones from their Shabby Chic line. They pick up on the white within the Euro shams I made which ties in so well with the room.

white ruffle pillow guest room


When decorating adding layers and mixing colors and patterns just add that bit of interesting detail to the room.

Upclose of the pillows

Have you been updating your guestrooms this summer?



Reading Nook Contest – see the Details

002580_rea_nook_contest (1) copy

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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall…….

Closeup of the mirror web

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Back window by TV Curtain panel

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end table finished web

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Kitchen table upclose web

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You’ve Got Mail……….

you got mail movie image

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Example of pendant light

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Canned Lighting to Pendant Lighting in an Instant

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